How to Search for Products on our eCommerce Website

If you are trying to place an order and can’t find a product you need in the department categories listed in the navigation, read this tutorial to learn more about the search function on our eCommerce website and other ways to find what you need.

Using the Search Bar

Our search bar is a powerful tool that pulls in products by product name and by brand name based on the keywords you type into the box. To use the search bar, follow these steps:

1. To search for a product, click the “Search” box next to the magnifying glass icon in the top middle of the page.

2. Starting typing in the product name or keywords you believe to be in the name.

3. As you type you should see product names pop up. If no product names show up as you type, hit “Enter” on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass button once you’re finishing typing. If product names do pop up as you’re typing, complete one of these steps:

a. If you see the product name you believe to be correct pop up in the list as you type, click the name. The page should load with either multiple matching products or a single product with that name. If you see the product you want to buy, click the “Add to Cart” button.

b. If you’re unsure that the product name that popped up is correct and you want to see all of the products that fit your description, do not click the product name that pops up. Instead, hit “Enter” on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass button once you’re finishing typing. The page should load with a list of all the products that fit your description. Scroll through the list of products, and add the one you want to your cart.

Searching by Brand

If you’ve tried using the search bar and still can’t find the product you need, you can also try viewing all of the products carried under the brand name if you know what it is. To view a full list of brands and see those brand’s products, follow these steps:

1. Click this link to view all of the products on our eCommerce website.

2. If you’re shopping on desktop, you should see a “Brand” box followed by several brand names under the “Filters” menu in the left sidebar. Click the search box in the brand area, then type the brand name into the box. If you’re shopping on mobile, click the “Filters” button in the top right corner under the “Sort: Default” box. A filters window should appear. Under the “Brand” section, click the “See More” button, then type the brand name into the Search box at the top.

3. As you type, brand names should appear. When you see the one you need, click the checkbox next to its name.

4. Scroll through the products until you find the product you need and click the “Add to Cart” button if on desktop or the + icon if on mobile to add it to your order.

If you still don’t find the product you need after using the search bar or searching by brand name, it is likely not available for purchase online, listed under a different brand name, or is not currently carried at our store. If you have questions or are sure we carry the product you need, please contact us here so we can look into it for you.

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