The Road to Merging with Just Local Food Co-op

There has been a tremendous amount of cooperation in the Chippewa Valley between Menomonie Market​ Food Co-op​ and Just ​​Local ​Food Co-op over the last year and a half​—from my vantage point, both co-ops have learned and benefited from our connections.​ I do believe it’s time to say​, out loud, with excitement and relief,​ that the work of our collaboration committee is drawing to a close, and the full boards of both co-ops are moving towards agreement on a plan to merge our two co-ops into one.​ If this plan is approved by ​both boards, it will move into the ​Owner ​Engagement ​Phase. ​We will kick off this phase by mailing all owners a packet of information​ that detail​s the plan, lists ways that you can learn more and be involved, and invites you to vote the plan up or down. Watch your mailbox!

Co-ops are different for lots of reasons​;​ they ​build wealth for local use instead of exporting wealth to faraway owners, they ​consider community and environment in addition to economics when making decisions, and they truly serve the needs of the people who use them​—the shoppers! Now the ​Second Cooperative Principle—democratic member control—will be realized when Just ​Local ​Food owners and Menomonie ​Market owners are asked to go to the polls and decide if a merger is in the best interest of their co-op. Both groups of owners will have to vote​ YES​ with a two-thirds majority for this merger to happen. That is democracy in action and is completely unique among businesses in the U.S.

From 2010 to 2014,​ ​​Menomonie Market went through several negotiations with developers, the City, and landowners to find ​an expansion site​. It was difficult​ work for me because it​ felt like a lot of it was done in secret. Sometimes the detailed work that includes strategy and ​external factors need​s​ to be worked out before the plan can be announced or unveiled. I have felt like that​ again​ lately,​ and I am so excited to share our hard​ work​ with you​,​ hear your questions and your concern​s,​ learn more about how we can make the plan even better​,​ and then leave the ultimate decision in your hands.

Should the boards vote yes​, the packet you receive will ​include the dates and times of several virtual and in-person opportunities to ask questions of board members and staff. Whether you attend every one, or you glance through the packet and are ready to vote, we hope that every owner participates in this big decision. And as always, I am happy to hear from you on this or any other matter!

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