A Guide to When Local Produce Is In Season in Wisconsin

There are few things more disappointing than craving a specific fresh, locally grown fruit or vegetable from your favorite farm and taking a trip to our store or the farmers market, only to find that what you want is unavailable. That’s because although you can find a lot of fresh produce in grocery stores like ours year-round, some fruits and vegetables—especially the ones that are grown locally—are only in season certain times of the year.

To help you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with the bounty of Wisconsin’s harvest and take advantage of all of the benefits of eating seasonally, we’ve created this helpful Wisconsin in-season produce calendar so you can easily see when sweet corn will be available or find out if you already missed out on local apple season for example. This guide offers a great overview of when your favorite, local produce is available in our state, but do keep in mind that, depending on each year’s growing season, these date ranges may vary.

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Wisconsin In Season Produce Calendar Guide

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