We’re Mad About These Cheeses

Every April, we host one of our favorite in-store promotions, our Cheese Madness Sampling Event. Unfortunately, this year’s, originally scheduled for April 3rd, was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In homage to this beloved event, we thought it would be fun to share the cheeses we would have sampled if the show had gone on. Learn more about what makes these cheeses different and find these and more in our artisan cheese island case near the deli on your next grocery run!

Try These Cheese Madness Flavors

Hook’s Triple Play Extra Innings: This Mineral Point, Wisconsin cheese is made with goat, sheep, and cow milk. In its year-long aging process, it forms crystals and an herbaceous, sweet, and savory flavor profile.

Sartori Montamoré Cheddar: Named for the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, this cheddar cheese is modeled after Parmesan, making it a great ingredient in Italian dishes.

Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze: This cheese is made in Iowa from milk collected from Amish farms with herds of 65 cows or less, vegetarian rennet, and no added color. Its flavor is sweet and nutty, and it crumbles nicely.

Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar: This cheddar cheese combines all of the best aspects of the Deer Creek cheese masters’ favorite cheddars after they visited the best creameries in the world.

Le Delice de Bourgogne: This is a soft, ripened cheese made in the Burgundy region of France with full fat cow’s milk and cream fraiche that produces a melt in your mouth texture.

Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen (Currently Sold Out): This is a soft, ripened cheese made with Jersey cow milk and cream. It has a soft, buttery texture, pairs well with anything, and was the first cheese produced by this New York Creamery.

Caves of Faribault Jeffs’ Select Gouda: This unorthodox Minnesota cave ripened Gouda is made with Wisconsin milk and was the mind meld of two cheese masters, both of whom are named Jeff.

Saxon Creamery Saxony (Currently Sold Out): Made in Malone, Wisconsin, this cheese is an American take on Alpine style. It’s made with cow milk produced only in the summer to give it a bright, sweet, hazelnut flavor.

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