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Sustainable Products You Can Find at Menomonie Market

Since our food co-op was founded in 1974, we’ve been known for our focus on sourcing sustainable products. While you can find sustainable products in about every single aisle of our store, here are some of the ones we recommend and all of the reasons that they’re a great choice. 

Design Imports Swedish Dishcloths: You can get 9-12 months of use out of these, replacing ~17 rolls of paper towels.

Down to Earth Metal Straws and Cleaning brushes: These are reusable and eliminate the need for plastic straws.

Kilner Fermentation Set: This set will help you make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, etc. at home.

The Muddy Feet Forty Beeswax Wraps: These locally-made wraps replace plastic wrap and zip-locks bags.

Coffee Sock: Just one reusable Coffee Sock filter can replace 4-12 boxes of paper coffee filters per year.

Radius Toothbrushes: These are made from repurposed materials, not plastic, and come with a replaceable brush head.

Pacha Soap: These soaps have no packaging.

Matr Boomie Beach Bags: These bags are made from upcycled Sari dresses.

Diva Cup & Party in My Pants Cloth Pads: This menstrual cup and locally-made cloth pads eliminate the need for tampons and conventional pads.

Darn Tough Socks: These socks are made to last, and if they don’t, they come with a lifetime warranty.

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