Get 20% Off Azul y Garanza Rosé & Stettler Dill Havarti in May

This Month’s Pairing: Azul y Garanza Bodegas Rosado Garnacha Rosé & Stettler Dill Havarti

Azul y Garanza Rosé is made with Spanish garnacha red grapes which are characteristically fruity and citrusy with hints of cinnamon, typically used in red wine. This wine uses 100% garnacha grapes but limits the grape skin contact to the juice creating the beautiful rose hue of rosé wines. Wild yeast fermentation and short aging in stainless steel give this wine a light, floral, strawberry flavor that finishes crisp and citrusy on the tongue. Perfect for picnics and spring weather.

Stettler Dill Havarti is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made in Brodhead, Wisconsin that has won state, national, and international awards in cheese making. This cheese has stand-alone flavor but also has many applications such as paninis and cream sauces. Havarti is creamy in nature and the dill adds a crisp brightness to this cheese making it an easy crowd-pleaser as well as a beautiful addition to any cheeseboard.

The creaminess of the Dill Havarti compliments the floral crispness of the Azul y Garanza Rosé. This duo is also an eye-catching pair due to the contrasts of the pink wine and green dill making them a picture-perfect combination on a cheeseboard.

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