Menomonie Market Moves into New Downtown Location

WE DID IT!!!!!  Congratulations to everyone– our staff, board of directors, investors, and all of you owners and shoppers out there that made this dream a reality.  We are starting to settle in to our new space, making list after list of all the things we still need to do to be fully moved in and ready to serve our community.  Our first week open was a dream– so many happy faces, and so many new faces!  We (of course) had record sales days, received compliments, flowers, and high fives, and we even found a little time to reflect on it all and pat ourselves on the back a bit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 1.50.15 PMAfter this crazy week and the several weeks of long hours and difficult work before that, I am left with a huge feeling of gratitude.  Brand new employees that never worked in the little store were working long hours setting up shelves, cleaning our space, learning new equipment, and basically doing anything we asked.  Seasoned employees and leaders at MMFC were doing double duty, working in both stores, collaborating on new systems, placing orders with no idea what our first few days would be like, and installing equipment and systems.  Volunteers from our ownership came in to work for a few hours at a stretch, and collectively accomplished a lot of hard work.  And all of you out in the community were cheering us on by following our posts in Facebook, writing wonderful messages on the wall at the little store, and getting ready.  It was overwhelming to guess that over 400 of you attended our ribbon cutting– you helped us turn something that is usually a small affair into a huge party!

Thank you all.  We love our new home, and all of us made it happen.

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