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Menomonie Market Makes Progress Towards Moving

It seems impossible one moment, and totally doable the next.  The final stages of the construction project are here, and the building is buzzing with people and objects.  The paint is getting up, the new kitchen equipment is being set in place, and water and electricity is flowing where it should be.  This week our parking lot will be paved, the landscaping crew will arrive, and the last beautiful LED-lit sign will be mounted above our front door.

We are thankful for all the help that is showing up each day to make this project a success– MMFC staff are splitting their work between two sites, and we have a steady stream of owners that volunteered to help, working to build shelves, help set product, and clean.  This week a crew from the National Co-op Grocers are here, and we wouldn’t know where to start without them!  Staff from UNFI, our main distributors, and other brokers and vendors are here too.

A short entry today, as these days are so busy!  As the details come together, we are bursting at the seams with excitement– I think Menomonie is in for a wonderful surprise!  I’ll leave you with some pictures!

Look at our nice long aisles!Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.03.11 PM







View of our check lanes and customer service desk coming together, with customer seating in the background.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.03.20 PM








What tasty treats do you think our bakers will make us on here?

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.03.27 PM








Our all-grown-up kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.03.38 PM








And our wellness set coming together!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.03.45 PM






See you in 14 days!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.09.45 PM

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