Menomonie Market Hosts First Class in New Classroom

Thursday evening, another step in growing our community was made. Building our new store was the easy part, running it, and giving our community all that we have to offer is the difficult part of the journey.  Being central to a thriving and healthy community is the goal we all keep in the back of our minds every day, and providing education to our owners and shoppers is one way we couldn’t wait to improve. We built a beautiful community classroom upstairs, and Thursday night Chris Hayden was able to teach the very first class the new and improved MMFC offered.

As we reflected on the night, an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and gratitude filled the room. Chris, having a wellness background, taught an Essential Oils 101 course to a full room of eager students. After conducting a survey in November, essential oils was our most requested class, so choosing it for our first class was a no-brainer. To our surprise the room was a mix of owners, non-owners, employees, new faces, and Stout students all with big smiles, willing to learn with us. This is the first step towards our dream of a big, successful community education program, and we can’t wait to keep making those steps with you. Cheers!

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