Menomonie Market Food Co-op’s 2023 Goals by Department

Our managers usually set goals in July when our fiscal year begins, but January is still a great time for us to check in with one another to report on progress and adjust any goals that may no longer be feasible. We did this at our last Promotions Meeting the first week of January, and these are a few of the goals each operations manager has said their department will be working on in 2023:

• CUSTOMER SERVICES: Our Customer Services Managers Gabbie (Eau Claire) and Jay (Menomonie) identified their main goal for 2023 as simplifying and aligning training processes across both stores so they can more efficiently instill the fundamentals of customer service in their team members. They also plan to continue championing the customer experience as we make operational changes ahead of our Eau Claire expansion and will be preparing to manage scheduling complexities as we hire up and cross-train staff in Eau Claire later this year.

• DELI: Our Fresh Manager Layne (Menomonie) will be working to reshuffle responsibilities in the Deli as we prepare to hire a manager and more team members before the bigger Eau Claire store opens in the fall. To accomplish this, she and her direct reports will spend their project time revamping standard operating procedures and developing a better recipe testing process. Plus, they also hope to add a self-serve grain bowl area to the Menomonie location’s salad bar and want to continue growing our catering program.

• FRESH: As the first full year of working together after merger comes to an end, our Fresh Managers Jen (Eau Claire) and Layne (Menomonie) hope to use what they’ve learned to continue improving operations in both the Produce and Meat & Seafood Departments so they can get further ahead with planning, buying, and stocking. They also want to work on diversifying our offerings in the two departments and are aiming to grow sales enough so they can hire at least one more team member in Menomonie before hiring up in Eau Claire later this year.

• MERCHANDISING: For our Merchandising Managers Jordan (Eau Claire) and Jack (Menomonie), “evaluating our product selections with the community in mind” will be their 2023 mantra. They are planning to spend much of their time this year better aligning the products and programs offered at both stores and, when they do so, will be keeping value and price perception in mind. They are specifically hoping to go bigger with smaller sized options, more bulk products, value-conscious brands, and sustainably packaged items. And when they get shorter on time ahead of our Eau Claire store’s expansion, they also hope to better utilize resources that are available to our co-op through National Co+op Grocers to make opening the bigger location easier.

As you can see, preparing for the grand opening of our bigger Eau Claire location will be a major focus for every department in 2023. Although we know it’s going to be a lot of work to make it happen, our staff is excited to see how much growth we can achieve together at both stores over these next twelve months. Here we go!

This article was originally published in the January/February 2023 issue of our bi-monthly newsletter, The Morsel. If you’d like to read more stories like this one and stay up to date on the latest co-op news and events, pick up a print copy in-store on your next grocery run or find more news on our website here.

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