Mary Dirty Face Farm Menomonie Wisconsin

Menomonie Market Announces 2018 Fund our Foodshed Grant Recipients

Meet the 2018 Fund Our Foodshed Grant recipients below, or join us Thursday, September 6th from 6:00pm-7:00pm at the co-op for an open house, snacks made from local farm ingredients, and farmer presentations. Grant funds were awarded to innovative projects that benefit local, sustainable, organic food and farming here in the Chippewa Valley.

Mary Dirty Face Farm

Located in Menomonie, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 13

Project Funded: Two portable electric fence units to allow sheep to graze the orchard

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Rotational livestock grazing in orchard benefits the farm ecosystem by contributing to fertility of the soil food web. Selective grazing helps control perennial weeds and allows a preferred species of groundcover plant to flourish; contributing to increased first fruit production and market access.

Baruk Yah

Located in Menomonie, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 24

Project Funded: A nesting box for chickens that allows for eggs to roll away from nests for easy access and cleaner eggs

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Certified organic farm will see improved efficiency and cleaner egg surfaces from use of new nesting box.  Menomonie Market Co-op customers will continue to have access to Nate’s certified organic, local eggs.

Bifrost Farms

Located in Boyceville, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 24

Project Funded: Purchase of two additional LaMancha does in-milk for the farm

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Addition of three new goats will increase production and help meet existing market demand. The community benefits by having consistent access to locally-made goat’s milk cheeses.

Deutsch Family Farm

Located in Osseo, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 47

Project Funded: Development of a refreshed and integrated website

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Alison and Jim Deutsch care deeply about our local food system. They have worked to transform a once degraded farm into a sustainable livestock farm that now has clean water, healthy soil, and healthy animals.Their mission to promote local sustainable food sources for people in the Chippewa Valley will be enhanced by a new website.

EB Ranch

Located in Ridgeland, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 25

Project Funded: Upgrades to farm infrastructure; woven wire fencing, cattle panels to convert old hoop house into expanded goat living quarters, and expanded watering system

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Improved efficiency of EB Ranch operations will allow for increased production of goat milk soap made from endangered San Clemente Island goat milk.

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