Meet a Few of our Local Holiday Meat Suppliers

One of the fun parts of this season is getting to gather with family and friends for delicious dinners, desserts, and drinks. If you’re planning your own holiday celebrations this year and need a meat, these are a few of our local farms that raise traditional holiday cuts, including antibiotic-free turkey, ham, chicken, and leg of lamb. Look for their products in our stores and online this November and December to support local while you feast!

Bent Oak Farm
Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Graham and Caitlin Motzing of Bent Oak Farm are hyperlocal turkey suppliers located down the road from our co-op in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They raise their birds in small flocks on pasture and without the use of antibiotics.

Frozen Turkey Available in Menomonie & Eau Claire

Located in Glenwood City, Minnesota

Kadejan is a family farm that was founded in 1989 by Pete Thorfinnson and named after his children. They supply free-range poultry, all of which are fed a non-GMO diet of corn, soy, and essential vitamins and are air-chilled before delivery.

USDA Fresh Turkey Available in Menomonie & Eau Claire

Larry Schultz Organic Farm
Located in Owatonna, Minnesota

Larry Schultz took over his family’s farm in the 1980s. Since then, they have supplied the Midwest with free-range turkeys that are fed certified organic feed with no antibiotics, herbicides, or pesticides, which gives them that old-fashioned flavor.

USDA Fresh Turkey Available in Menomonie & Eau Claire

Ferndale Market
Located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Ferndale Market is a second and third-generation family farm managed by Fern and Dale’s son Dick and his wife Jane and their son John and his wife Erica. They raise turkeys without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Frozen Turkey Available in Menomonie

Hidden Stream Farm
Located in Elgin, Minnesota

The Klein family of Hidden Stream Farm is a local pork supplier. They raise pork using a grass-based deep bedded system and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. This allows them to farm in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Frozen Ham Available in Menomonie

Bull Moose Lake Farm
Located in Bruce, Wisconsin

Dale and Sherri of Bull Moose Lake Farm started their farm in 2017. They blend nature and regenerative practices together while raising pastured poultry, pastured pork, grass-fed cattle for meat to restore the environment in the process.

Frozen Whole Chicken Available in Menomonie

Smit Family Farm
Colfax, Wisconsin

Noah and Soma of Smit Family Farm raise Icelandic sheep without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Their lambs are fed 100% grass and hay from the farm, and they also have access to shelter.

Frozen Lamb Cuts Available in Menomonie

Lambalot Acres
Located in Augusta, Wisconsin

Lambalot Acres is a family-run farm that is owned and operated by Duane and Deanna Klindworth. They raise lamb without added antibiotics or hormones, work with a local butcher, and have their products frozen fresh.

Frozen Lamb Cuts Available in Menomonie

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