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How to View Your Order History on our eCommerce Website

This feature is currently only available to owners. If you’re not an owner yet and you’d like access to this feature and lots of other features and benefits, learn more about becoming an owner here.

If you’re an owner and you’ve shopped at our store since becoming one, you can now view your complete order history right in your owner account on our eCommerce website. In this tutorial, we walk you through how to view your orders, download receipts, and more.

Accessing Your Order History

1. To access your order history, you must first log in to your owner account. Do so by following these steps based on your registration status:

a. If you’re an owner who has already registered your in-store owner account on our eCommerce website, click here to log into your account (if not already logged in).

b. If you’re an owner and you have not yet registered your in-store owner account on our eCommerce website, please click this link and follow the steps listed in that tutorial before trying to place an order. You must register your in-store owner account on our eCommerce website with the email address or phone number listed on your owner account before you can access this feature available just for owners.

2. Once you’re logged into your owner account, you should see “Hello, Your Name” in the upper right corner of the main navigation under the cart icon. To view your order history, hover over your name and click the “Orders” button.

3. A page filled with all your previous orders in-store and online should load. You can then page through your orders, view and download receipts for each, and add complete previous orders or individual products to your cart so you can quickly order them online for curbside pickup.

This feature is handy if you forget to ask for a printed receipt in-store, if you want to repeat large online orders but don’t want to start from scratch, if you have questions about in-store orders, if you can’t find a product you know you’ve purchased at our store and want to add it to an order for curbside pickup, and more.

Still have a question or need help shopping on our eCommerce website? Click here to view all of our tutorials.

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