How to Save a Credit Card to your Wallet on our eCommerce Website

This feature is currently only available to owners. If you’re not an owner yet and you’d like access to this feature and lots of other features and benefits, learn more about becoming an owner here.

If you want to use a credit card to pay for your online orders instead of your declining balance, adding a card to your virtual wallet can save you time at checkout by eliminating the need to manually type in your credit card. To securely save a credit card to your owner account on our eCommerce website, follow the steps below.

Saving a Credit Card to Your Wallet

1. To access your virtual wallet, you must first log in to your owner account. Do so by following these steps based on your registration status:

a. If you’re an owner who has already set a password for your owner account on our eCommerce website, click here to log into your account (if not already logged in).

b. If you’re an owner and you have not yet set a password for your in-store owner account on our eCommerce website, please click this link and follow the steps listed in that tutorial before trying to place an order. You must set a password for your owner account on our eCommerce website with the email address or phone number listed as the main owner’s contact information before you can access this feature available exclusively to owners.

2. Once you’re logged into your owner account, you should see a “Your Account” button in the upper right corner of your screen if on desktop or a “Wallet” button in the main menu if on mobile. To view your order history, click the “Your Account” button then the “Wallet” button if on desktop or the “Wallet” button in the main menu if on mobile.

3. Type your credit card information (card number, expiration date, and CVV) into the “Add a New Card” box and click the “Save Card” button.

4. Repeat Steps #1-3 for each card you’d like to save to your wallet.

If you completed the steps, your credit card is now saved to the virtual wallet in your owner account and can be selected as a payment method at checkout next time you place an order online. Note: Credit card information is not saved on our store’s servers and is not in any way accessible by our team members. It is 100% secure to enter your credit card information on our eCommerce website.

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