How Menomonie Market Food Co-op Is Handling Positive COVID-19 Cases Among Staff

Hello, Menomonie Market Food Co-op friends. We want you to know that we have staff that has tested positive for COVID-19. For live updates on cases, please see this post on our website. We’ll continue sharing more updates there as this will likely keep happening.

When people work together and give of themselves to do something great, like build local food systems, be shining examples of human service, and create community, well, they get on to loving each other. I am so happy to report that our infected staff have had relatively mild or short cases and are on the mend. But worrying for people I love is a new everyday feeling at the co-op. Our Menomonie Market staff is working in a risky setting, and we are pushing through fear, exhaustion, and stress each day.

This is getting hard. For all of us. The cases at the co-op are not related to each other, and they are indicative of a virus moving very fast through our population—the health departments in our area cannot keep up, people are waiting so long for test results, and contact tracing requires difficult communication at times. We are very serious about this. No one can work with any suspect symptoms, and people are instead staying home to await tests. But quarantines for two weeks with any exposure do mean we are moving into a place of being short-staffed as a baseline. Schedules are upended, and working spaces have moved throughout the building to ensure distance. Your amazing co-op family is doing so well through this; I am so proud of everyone.

Please stay home as often as you can. Limit even small gatherings with people outside of your household. Wear a mask whenever you are near people. And make your outings brief. If you have COVID-19 or are symptomatic or in quarantine, please also use our curbside pickup service. We want you all to stay safe!

Thank you for all the ways you support our efforts. We see it, and it matters. ♥


  • December 23, 2020

    Sally Pabst

    Always outstanding customer service. Thank you for being so dedicated, especially during these most challenging times.

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