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Holiday Food Drive for Stepping Stones

You may have noticed a Christmas tree in our entryway, decorated with silver and teal ornaments.  It’s beautiful and festive, but did you know there’s a greater significance?  Each ornament on the tree represents nearly $30 worth of donations of organic food!

During the month of December, MMFC is holding a holiday food drive.  It’s a bit different than a regular food drive- instead of donating groceries, we’re asking our customers to contribute $10.  MMFC, in partnership with one of our distributors (UNFI), will use that money to purchase items for the food pantry at Stepping Stones.  Because of this partnership, MMFC can buy almost three times as much food as any one individual could buy at retail prices.  We are also able to donate items that the food pantry really needs, ensuring recipients get nutritious, tasty, organic foods when they visit Stepping Stones.  Finally, we are able to make a few large deliveries rather than many small ones, lessening the strain on food pantry staff and volunteers.

Stepping Stones is a local organization that fosters community building by working to prevent hunger, homelessness, and isolation in Dunn County.  Preventing hunger is a tall order. Approximately 11% of Wisconsin households are food insecure. Due to lack of money, a food insecure household may cut back on size or number of meals, or run out of food altogether.  Poverty rates in Dunn County are higher than the Wisconsin average, so the need in our own community is great.  Stepping Stones has worked for years to help alleviate hunger in Dunn County.  Their food pantry provides food and personal care items to people in need and is currently averaging 1,400 visits per month.  

We are excited to give to our neighbors this holiday season, but we can’t do it without the help of our customers.  Would you like to add an ornament to our tree?  Tell your cashier that you would like to donate $10 to the holiday food drive at your next visit.  Thank you for helping us reach our Ends of being central to a thriving healthy community!

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