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Menomonie Market Launches Fund Our Foodshed Grant Program for Area Farmers

Co-op Launches Grant Program to Strengthen our Local Foodshed

Through the Menomonie Market Food Co-op grant program, a farm or business selling food or other products they produce to sell at MMFC or through our partner CSA program is eligible for a grant of up to $1,000. The goal of this program is to further our mission to create a thriving and healthy foodshed through grant dollars that support the growth of regional farming, food processing, and product development in the Chippewa Valley. Funds for the grant program are generated by MMFC and at the MMFC registers through our Round Up program.

All current Menomonie Market farmer and producer vendors within 75 miles of the co-op have been invited to submit a grant application by April, 20th 2018. A committee made up of MMFC board members, staff, and community owners will evaluate applications against the following criteria and announce recipients and their projects in early May, 2018.

Grant Assessment Criteria

MMFC grant committee will consider each of the following criteria:

  • • Project accomplishes at least one of the following for the applicant:
  • • Project fills a hole in the local food supply system by expanding production and/or distribution of a food and/or products.
  • • Project purchases equipment to increase efficiency and profitability.
  •  • Project helps grow their business.
    • • Project has a positive impact on the agricultural economy of the Chippewa Valley, or the health of the    Chippewa Valley foodshed.
    • • Project increases the applicant’s level of environmental sustainability.
    • • The mission, values, and  practices of the applicant furthers MMFC’s Ends.
    • • There is a demonstrated need and plan for implementation of the grant.
    • • Preference will be given to agricultural and value-added food producers.

Questions about the new grant program may be directed to Crystal Halvorson, General Manager.

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