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An Update on Expansion Progress from Menomonie Market’s General Manager

Here I am standing in our new kitchen, looking out at you coming in for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner!  There are a few more walls to build, and lots more equipment to install, but you can start to envision real working days in this place.  the line of orange cones marks the location of our long hot food and salad bar, set to arrive on Monday.









The fact that we can see out at you, and you can see in to us, is one of the many exciting things about our new home.  From the moment you walk through our beautiful, automatic, wheelchair-friendly doors, you will see your co-op staff at every turn.  A customer service desk at the door will be a place to ask questions, become a member, inquire on a special order, or find out what’s happening in your community.  As you shop for produce, you can see into the produce prep area, so it will be easy to ask for a sample or be reminded just when stone fruit season starts.  The bulk foods area will have a real work surface with nut butter grinders, a sink, and everything you need to serve yourself and help introduce a new shopper to the world of bulk foods.







We are very excited to have a more open and welcoming area for our Wellness department– including a service area that will be filled with resources to help you make informed decisions about your purchases.  Our space dedicated to herbs, supplements, vitamins, and other self-care products means that we will more likely have the unique remedy that you are looking for.

Ending your shopping trip at our deli will be a treat– our open kitchen plan means that you can see just how hard that deli staff is working for you.  Peeking back into a kitchen at cases of fresh local produce being prepped for truly homemade food is not something you see in Menomonie right now– but get ready!







I pretty much have this goofy grin on my face all the time now– staff, customers, owners, board members, and investors are all realizing something that has been in the works for more than a generation in Menomonie.  Our recent ups and downs along the way with our expansion plans seem a distant memory, and as this little co-op that could rises up on the corner of Main and 9th, everything seems right with the world.

I can’t wait to see you in the store!

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