Menomonie Market Announces a New Way to Support Co-ops & Nonprofits

Cooperative Principle 7, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, is one of our core values and what makes us different from a conventional grocer. You don’t often find two businesses in the same industry working together, sharing materials, or brainstorming ideas with one another, but in the co-op world all of those happen daily.


In 2017, we started the Menomonie Market Cooperative Community Fund (MMCCF). This fund is part of a larger family of funds called the Twin Pines Community Fund (TPCF), with many participating cooperatives across the country. The TPCF was created to aid in developing new co-ops throughout the nation, while generating interest for each participating co-op to donate to their local community non-profits. Cooperatives across the country, from Equal Exchange to Organic Valley to MMFC, invest money in the fund, which is then loaned out to fund cooperative creation or expansion projects. Unlike many other foundations or endowment funds, Twin Pines only invests in the development of cooperatives – never in the stock market. TPCF staff work hard to find stable cooperative investments; in 20 years of operation there has been no loss of principal in any of the investments, which leverage over $4 million for co-op development. Just like any loan, the money TPCF invests will earn interest. This interest is returned to each investing co-op, which they may gift to local non-profits of their choice. This year cooperatives all over the country, including MMFC, will collectively contribute over $86,000 to their local partners.


Throughout the year, the MMCCF will be funded through contributions from Menomonie Market itself, matches by other co-ops, gifts from shoppers through our Round Up For Good program, and an annual fundraiser—official date coming soon! Until then, we’re hosting our first fundraising initiative in October by putting all donations made through our Round Up for Good program toward the Menomonie Market Co-operative Community Fund. And, in observance of National Co-op Month, the first $1,000 we raise will be matched by Equal Exchange and Frontier Co-op, tripling the donation! Every penny rounded up helps, so round up your next purchase out our store to contribute to this important work. As always, thank you for your support! We are excited for this opportunity to further give back to our community while simultaneously supporting co-ops just like ours.

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