Ask The Radish: Wellness Edition

Throughout the year, we receive questions about our many wellness products. These are some of our most popular ones with answers directly from us.

Q: What types of wellness products are available at the co-op?

A: We carry a wide selection of wellness products—everything from beauty and body care products to supplements, essential oils, and much more.

Q: Are locally produced products available in the Wellness department?

A: Yes, just like our other departments, we try to source as many of our wellness products from local producers as possible. A complete list can be found on our website, but some of those include EB Ranch, Dr. Sarah’s Essentials, Beloved Sisters, Terravee Naturals, Aura Cacia, Tera’s Whey, Herban Cowboy, and Great Lakes Gelatin Co.

Q: Where are wellness products located in-store?

A: The majority of our wellness products can be found in Aisle 5 between our first two check stands.

Q: Do you carry CBD?

A: Yes, we carry a variety of CBD products in-store (our payment processor doesn’t currently allow us to sell them online), including CBD oils from PlusCBD, CBD-infused lotions from Sagely, and salves from Monarch Hills Hemp Farm.

Q: Do you carry sustainable wellness products?

A: Sourcing sustainable products is one of our biggest priorities, so most of our wellness products are sustainably focused. Several top brands include Party in my Pants, HiBAR, Preserve, and Pacha Soap Co.

Q: Do you offer supplements for those with special diets?

A: Yes, we do! We carry lots of supplements made for special diets including keto, gluten-free, and more.

Q: Do you offer opportunities to learn more about wellness?

A: In a normal year, we offer lots of wellness classes. Until life returns to more normal again, we recommend checking out our selection of wellness books available in-store.

Q: If I have questions about which wellness products are right for me, who should I contact?

A: Since no one on our team is a medical professional, we recommend speaking with your doctor if you have questions about which products are right for you. If you have specific questions regarding the brands we carry, contact Tanya, our knowledgeable Wellness Buyer, via email at

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