A Big Thank You to our Thoughtful Owners

Menomonie Market Food Co-op owners are more than shoppers, farmers, producers, or community members. They are our family, friends, and supporters.

Being a community-owned business means we get the opportunity to build relationships with our shoppers, invest in our community, support other small businesses, and be a welcoming place for all. Throughout our 45+ years of business, our owners have come to the rescue over and over. They have kept the doors open by volunteering to work in the early years, helped us move to new locations more times than we can track, purchased stock in our business to help us expand to our current store, and have always shown their appreciation for staff and board members of the co-op.

When COVID-19 began to appear in the Chippewa Valley, Menomonie Market Food Co-op owners got to work sewing beautiful cloth masks to gift to our staff, asking for nothing in return. They created new mask patterns to accommodate different face shapes, facial hair, and ear sizes to ensure everyone on our staff had safe options and checked in on us to ensure they were working for us.

In addition to well-made masks, we’ve received cards, money to treat our staff to Sam’s Donuts, hundreds of heartfelt messages of thanks, cards, and endless amounts of appreciation for being open. 

These small and large gestures in an unpredictable time have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. We are so grateful to have a group of owners who are invested in not only our business but also the health and safety of our people. From everyone at Menomonie Market Food Co-op, thank you!

Not a Menomonie Market Food Co-op owner yet? Learn more about ownership, the perks, and more here.

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