6 Ways to Cope with the Winter Blues

As temperatures plummet to their lowest of the year, it’s common to feel your mood following close behind. Here are a few tips from our staff that may help lift your spirits while we’re all waiting for spring and warmer weather:

1. Keep up with your vitamin regimen. If you regularly supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals, be sure not to skip any. They are especially important as we have less access to sunlight on short winter days. And if you don’t follow a regimen, the new year is a great time to research options, especially since all supplements are included in our Owner Wellness Sale. Speak with your physician to find out which may be right for you, then check our Wellness aisles for what you need.

2. Boost your mood with food. Nothing brightens up a plate quite like citrus! Swing by our Produce Department to pick up a bag; they just so happen to be at their best this time of year, and they’re full of Vitamin C. And opt for whole foods and seafood whenever you can; these can help enhance your mood and prevent cravings for carbs and sugar later on.

3. Start a new hobby. Mastering a new task can help clear your mind and boost your self-confidence. Whether it’s learning how to make a new dish, how to complete that home project you’ve been putting off, or how to speak a new language, make an effort to get started now and see how far you can get by the end of the year.

4. Get good rest. Sleep is one of the biggest influencers of mood, and making it a point to prepare your body for rest can help you fall into a deeper sleep. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, getting into a bedtime routine that signals rest, sleeping in a cool, dark room, and keeping the time spent using electronics before bed to a minimum.

5. Stay active. Engaging in just half an hour of physical activity each day can boost your mood and reduce stress. Try a new yoga class, join your nearby gym, or subscribe to a fitness app so you can exercise at home. And remember to get outside as much as you can! Even though it’s cold, you can still bundle up and enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

6. Nurture your spirit. Setting aside time for self-care after the busy holiday season can help you reset for the new year. Buy a new journal or book. Cozy up with your favorite blanket and a hot beverage. Fill your home with energizing scents. And be sure to remain social! Isolation can make the winter blues even worse, so keep your support system on speed dial and stop by the co-op even if it’s just to pick up a few groceries and say hi. Our staff is always ready to brighten your day.

It can be difficult to stay cheery when it’s -10°F outside and pitch black at 4:30pm, but by being aware of our moods and making small changes to our daily routines, we can all get to the sunnier side together.

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