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Menomonie Market Food Co-op Donates $3,000 to Stepping Stones

January 10, 2018

Yesterday we delivered a check to our friends at Stepping Stones from all of your December round up donations! Together we raised $3,000, the result of more than 6,000 individual donations received at the register.

Stepping Stones of Dunn County is able to give out about $10 worth of food for every $1 donated, so your donations are going a very long way in helping fight hunger in our community, a huge thank you to you!

We would also like to send a special thank you to Wisconsin Growers, one of our distributors who represent local Amish farmers. They donated almost $600 of locally grown vegetables including 220lbs of sweet potatoes, 245lbs of spaghetti squash, 70lbs of butternut squash, 40lbs of candy onions, and 20lbs of yellow onions!

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