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Menomonie Market Announces 2019 Fund Our Foodshed Grant Recipients

We are excited to announce our 2019 Fund Our Foodshed Grant winners! The Fund our Foodshed Grant Program furthers the co-op’s mission of creating a thriving and healthy community by supporting the growth of regional farming, food processing, and product development in the Chippewa Valley. The funded projects strengthen operational infrastructure and increase food production, and help to rebuild our rural community.

In April 2019, the Menomonie Market Food Co-op Fund Our Foodshed Grant committee consisting of Menomonie Market Food Co-op staff, board members, and owners, reviewed eleven applications and made selections based on a variety of criteria—most importantly, the potential positive impact on the agricultural economy of the Chippewa Valley. See our winners below! We will share each farm’s project story throughout the summer on social media, on our website, and in the store this fall to celebrate their farm improvements. Stay tuned to see your Round Up For Good dollars in action, and thank you for making this program possible with your generosity!

Racing Heart Farm

Located in Colfax, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 26

Project Funded: Equipment to complete a walk-in cooler for storage, and a hand washing station for the prep room

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Temperature control and a better washing station will allow the farm to grow and provide vegetables  to eaters throughout fall and winter. Access to ideal temperatures for food storage will increase the lifetime of product and ensure superior quality for customers. Improvements to their spaces will create a safer, more efficient work environment and more time for growing and plant care.

Rising Sun Farm & Orchard

Located in River Falls, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 35

Project Funded: Portable pig fencing with a solar powered charger, water holding tank, and portable feed and water trough

Benefit to Local Foodshed: In addition to a large variety of crops, animals are a large part of the farm. Chickens fertilize and scratch through veggie fields, lambs fertilize and spread seeds throughout the pastures and maintain the grass length, and the pigs eat fallen apples and pulp from cider. The addition of portable electric fencing will allow the pigs to graze in the orchard which directly prevents insect damage to the trees.

Winnowburrow Farms

Located in Colfax, Wisconsin

Miles from the Co-op: 12

Project Funded: Purchase of supplies to build a grain bike for heirloom dried bean processing, and purchase of dehumidifier for their drying room

Benefit to Local Foodshed: Addition of a grain bike will streamline the process of threshing dried heirloom beans, what Winnowburrow considers an invaluable food crop. These shelf-stable beans provide beauty and diversity to the local foodshed with products not currently available in our area.


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