13 Staff Picks from Dairy Suppliers

As a food co-op in the dairy state, we’re obligated to know our dairy, and do we ever! In this list, you’ll find a few of the cheeses, milks, and other dairy products (most of which are locally made) our staff recommends trying.

Local! La Reyna Queso: If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a truly authentic Mexican queso at home, this is it! La Reyna’s queso is made by Carlos and Carmen Legaspi at their restaurant in Vinton, Iowa.

Local! 20 Mile Organic Frozen Custards: These frozen desserts are locally-made, have thick and rich flavors, and are just the right reprieve from the summer heat.

Local! Crystal Ball Farms Dairy Chocolate Milk: This cream-top chocolate milk is one of the tastiest you’ll ever try.

Local! Marieke Gouda Cheeses: Made in Thorp, Wisconsin, these award-winning Goudas crafted by the Penterman family come in a variety of flavors and are a must-try.

Siggi’s Dairy Icelandic Yogurt: This tasty yogurt has more protein than sugar and is made with Scandinavian dairy traditions.

Local! Eau Galle Cheese Factory Italian Cheese: This locally produced Italian cheese is one of the top sellers in our Cheese Department for a reason.

Local! Westby Cooperative Creamery Cottage Cheese: This is the only locally produced cottage cheese in the state. It’s made by a co-op in Westby, which is now called the “Cottage Cheese Capital of Wisconsin.”

Local! Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery Cheese Curds: These cheese curds, famous for their squeak when they’re fresh, are a Wisconsin staple and come in several flavors.

Local! St. Paul Bagelry Flavored Cream Cheeses: These are made in Minnesota and are the perfect spread for their equally-as-delicious bagels.

Local! Kalona SuperNatural Original Unsalted Butter: This organic butter is locally made in Iowa from the milk of pasture-grazed cows.

Local! Organic Valley Milk: This milk is certified organic and produced by a farmer-owned co-op in La Farge, Wisconsin.

Local! Carry Valley Cheese Spreads: These whipped, flavored cheeses can be spread on crackers, toast, and veggies for a tasty snack.

Local! LaClare Family Creamery Goat Cheeses: These delicious cheeses come in lots of flavors, are more lactose-friendly than many others, and are a must for any cheeseboard.

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