Menomonie Market Food Co-op

Menomonie Market Food Co-op is a customer-owned grocery store in downtown Menomonie, Wisconsin offering a wide variety of local, organic, and natural products.

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A Call for 2019 Board Candidates

Calling all candidates! Voting for the 2019 Board of Directors Election begins August 30th, and we are currently accepting applications from candidates interested in running. The deadline for applications is August 28th, so scroll on to apply online or pick up an application in-store.


Attending regular and special meetings fully prepared
MMFC board membership requires a significant time commitment during the 3 year term. Each director is responsible for attending all meetings and for thoroughly preparing for meetings by reading and thoughtfully considering meeting packets. The board does, however, make an effort to accommodate directors’ schedules when setting meeting dates and times. Between meetings, it is sometimes necessary to communicate via email. Directors should be prepared to respond as needed.

Sharing ideas and concerns
Directors are encouraged to take an active part in the work of the board by asking questions and putting ideas forward.

Taking on leadership roles and consistently and actively serving on committees
Directors should be prepared to serve on a committee if called upon and to participate in projects outside of board meetings as needed.

Attending training sessions
Ongoing education is part of board membership. Directors should be willing to read articles, participate in online seminars, and attend the Cooperative Board Leadership 101 Workshop as well as other live workshops as opportunities arise.

Acting in a professional manner
Directors are expected to display integrity, to resist pressures from special interest groups, to be able to work constructively with others, analyze and use good judgment, to be forward looking, constructive and energetic, and loyal to the interests of the co-op.

The Board Policy Manual states: All directors will maintain confidentiality as needed to protect the co-op’s interests and financial viability. All issues related to personnel, real estate, market strategy and goals, pending litigation, and details of the co-op’s financial status will be considered sensitive and subject to confidentiality unless or until full disclosure is approved by the board as a whole.

Avoiding conflict of interest
All directors will avoid any conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility.


Not only will you receive a monthly stipend of $50 credit at MMFC, you will have the satisfaction of serving a growing organization that serves the community with healthy products and education. You will have a voice in the shaping of the future of the co-op while working with a group of people who share a commitment to a democratic process and a sustainable local economy.


Answer the seven questions below designed to help the MMFC Board of Directors understand your approach to board governance, finances, cooperative principles, and community service, create a 300 word Candidate Statement summary to be printed in the newsletter and posted in the store prior to the election, and submit both via email to or in person Attn: Crystal Halvorson to the store.

Download and refer to the candidate packet linked below for information concerning what it means to be a director. Additional information about MMFC and its Ownership is available on our website.

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