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Artist of the Month: Kiara Carlson

Meet Kiara Carlson-

A mother, painter, performance artist, contemporary worship music leader, and community arts instructor, who is pursuing her BS in Education and Biblical Studies.

Drawing inspiration from music, travel, and nature, this series contains pieces from a number of series that have been displayed throughout the Chippewa Valley and Twin Cities.

“I am an arts advocate at heart. I paint to process my emotions. I paint to experience the feelings of painting. My art is an ongoing process of learning about myself.  Many of these pieces were inspired after a trip to Austin, TX. I hope this series encourages you to be adventurous, explore new things, expand your horizons, and dream big. Be YOU and express your perfect gifts!”

All works are acrylic on canvas – with our without mixed media –and are available for purchase or suggested donation, with all proceeds going towards her continued education.

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