Special Orders

Special ordering is a great option at MMFC!


Contact Layne Qualy, Deli Manager, for more details at (715) 235-6533 x218 or layne@mmfc.coop

Our customers like to special order for a few different reasons:

    • • Co-op Owners receive 10% off cases of product that they special order,
    • • Placing a special order gives you access to thousands of products that we aren’t able to carry in store.
    • • Special ordering allows you to take advantage of sales and stock up on favorite items when they’re on special.
    • • Splits are available!  You can ask a friend to share or let us know you’re looking to share when you submit your order.
  • • Special ordering reduces packaging!
Use this form to get us started–we will email you back and find what you are looking for!