Painted Outlaw Ranch Longhorn Beef

Longhorn Beef: A Healthful and Delicious Local Food

Meet the Mast Family, Ali, Ammon, and their two spirited girls, Daisy and Lena. The Mast’s raise 100% grass fed, pastured Texas Longhorns on their ranch in Arkansaw, Wisconsin.  Menomonie Market is proud to offer this pastured, healthful Longhorn beef in our meat department.

In the beef world it is well known that grain fed beef is fatter and grass fed leaner. Texas Longhorns develop their fat more slowly and deposit it in different areas than other cattle breeds. The result?  Texas Longhorn beef has less total and saturated fat but more of the healthy unsaturated fats are present; resulting in a beef that is flavorful and higher in good fats than standard beef options. Longhorn beef is also an excellent source of vitamins B3, B12 (not found in plants), B6, Zinc, and Selenium.  It also has a form of iron more readily absorbed than forms found in plants.

Preparation Tips

Texas Longhorn beef does not require additional fat to cook and cooks more quickly due to its naturally low fat content. It’s good to remember that lower fat means a faster cook time, with little shrinkage.  Prepare as you would any other ground beef or steak but use a medium hot fire for grilling.  Adding damp mesquite or cherry wood chips to the fire will bring out an added flavor.


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