October Artist of the Month: Joe Maurer

Joe Maurer is a public artist, musician, and painter based in Eau Claire. He is showing acrylic paintings from an in-progress series on titled: “LAKE MANOOMIN?: I WANT TO BE A RIVER, Recent developments in Menomonie, WI”

“Having tried all corrective possibilities to navigate the blue-green algae waters of the Red Cedar River, Lake Menominee and Lake Tainter, the citizens of Menomonie and the greater Red Cedar watershed opted to return the “Lake” (really a silt and phosphorus impoundment), back to it’s original form.  Removal of the Lake Menomin and Lake Tainter Dams produced a cascade of effects for the ecology and people of the Red Cedar River.  Now historic wild rice blooms, sturgeon have resumed their historic route upstream, tamarack forest islands and wetlands are home to the microorganisms which thrive on blue green algae.  Canoeing, hiking and recreation trails abound.  Migratory wading birds have returned.  A new nature/culture society erupted and birthed a human scale aqueous infrastructure.”

Stay tuned for a full exhibit. Joepublicart.com

Framed Pieces are for sale $300 each. Details: joepublicart@gmail.com

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