What is co-op ownership?

The cooperative business model is a little different. To start, we don’t have a CEO or corporate headquarters who skim profits away for the elite few. MMFC is locally and equally owned by all of our individual member-owners. Menomonie Market is an example of democratic economy in action!  Ownership is individual; one owner = one vote.

We are governed by a board of directors who are elected by the member-ownership. Our board of directors represents YOU, our owners; and the board also hires and oversees the work of our general manager. In turn, the general manager oversees the day-to-day and operational success of the business. Working together, our GM and the board create what we like to call the BLT (Big Long Term) with all policy decisions founded on the Seven Cooperative Principles and evaluated against our Ends. What’s cool is that we really are a business where economic success and social justice go hand in hand!





Joining is Easy

Community members join the co-op for a variety of reasons. Some people love the monthly Owner Deals and yearly Owner Appreciation Days. Others want to be part of a business working to build a healthy local economy and community.

To join simply head to any of our checkstands and make the one-time investment of $100 and complete a short form. It’s that easy!  There are no annual dues. And your ownership may be paid over the course of one year in four, $30 payments. (One cool idea we see owners use is to start a gift card. Each time you shop, add $5 to it, and you’ll have $100 saved up in no time.)

When you become a co-owner of Menomonie Market, you will join over 2,000 local households in co-ownership of Menomonie Market. In other words, now you can walk in like you own the place, because you do!



• Monthly Owner Deals (check out the flyer in store or on our website!)
• Write checks for up to $20 over purchase amount
• Discounts on pre-ordered bulk or case items
• Co+op Deals coupon book delivered by mail
• Declining Balance grocery spending tool (a fantastic way to manage your monthly grocery budget)
• Attend the annual and monthly board meetings
• Vote/run in board of directors elections
• Complimentary subscription to our bi-annual magazine,The Morsel
• Owner advertising rates in The Morsel
• Free listing in the Owner Business Directory

Suggested Responsibilities

• Shop regularly; your purchases support a community focused business and directly influence the success of local farmers/suppliers.
• Share the co-op love!  Invite others to give Menomonie Market a try.
Stay informed! Read The Morsel,bulletin boards, and in-store signs.
Participate in co-op activities (take a class, attend an in-store event, come to the annual meeting or one of the monthly board meetings)
Vote in co-op elections!
• Get to know
 the co-op principles and objectives
If you move, let us know! 

View the new owner welcome packet here!


Purchases made by an individual owner are primarily for personal or household consumption. The owner may include one adult person in their household as an additional shopper on the account. The owner name listed on the equity form is the person who is eligible to vote and make changes regarding the ownership. The owner is responsible for managing their purchases, eligible shoppers and receiving patronage refunds.
Business/Organization Ownership
A cooperative, non-profit organization, partnership or business may become an owner. Purchases made by a business owner are primarily for business use and consumption. The entity shall be listed as the primary name on the equity form. The entity must appoint one person to be listed as the shopper, who will also be the only eligible voter for that entity in all MMFC elections or other voting. The shopper must promptly notify MMFC of any changes to the business name, contact information and/or shopper and additional shoppers authorized to make purchases for the business. Organizations and businesses are not eligible to make payments with an EBT card. Business owners and organizations are responsible for managing their purchases and eligible shoppers.