Why join Menomonie Market Food Co-op?


Food co-ops have changed the way Americans eat and how we view food and farming. We have the co-op movement to thank for a thriving organic and natural foods industry.

When you join the Menomonie Market Food Co-op, you become a co-owner.  You are participating in a community-owned business that supports local, organic, and natural growers, local suppliers, and provides jobs and services that stay within our community. Your MMFC ownership represents a commitment to creating a thriving, healthy community!

Menomonie Market has the largest and most complete selection of local, organic and natural products in Menomonie and the only from-scratch deli and hot bar in the Chippewa Valley. We are a growing and vibrant local business; one that values great tasting food, support of local farmers, and creating a place where our community comes together to enjoy learning, meeting with friends, and lively conversation!

When you become a co-owner of Menomonie Market, you join over 2,000 households who represent the ownership of Menomonie Market.  Now you can walk in like you own the place, because you do! 

Once you decide to join you will enjoy numerous owner benefits. Being an owner makes you a part of a dynamic, locally owned business that contributes greatly to our community. This alone can provide a great sense of satisfaction with your investment.

Benefits and Responsibilities

• Monthly Owner Deals.
• Write checks for up to $20 over purchase amount
• Discounts on pre-ordered bulk or case items
• Co+op Deals coupon book delivered by mail
• Declining Balance grocery spending tool
• Attend the annual and monthly board meetings
• Vote/run in board of directors elections
• Complimentary subscription to The Morsel
• Owner advertising rates in The Morsel
• Free listing in the Owner Business Directory

• Shop regularly at your co-op. It helps build a stronger business and supports local farmers/suppliers.
• Tell others about Menomonie Market and invite them to shop
Stay informed by reading the Morsel, In Store News board, and subscribe to the email update service.
Participate in co-op activities (classes, events, meetings)
Vote and participate in decision-making processes
Understand the co-op principles and objectives
If you move, change your phone number or email address please provide us with your new information as soon as possible

View the new owner welcome packet here!

How to Join

To join you simply make a one-time investment of $100, and complete a 1/2 page owner-equity form at check out. There is also the option of paying your membership over 1 year, with 4 $30 payments. Another trick we see is starting a gift card. Each time you shop, add $5 to it, and you’ll have $100 saved up in no time.

Purchases made by an individual owner are primarily for personal or household consumption. The owner may include one adult person in their household as an additional shopper on the account. The owner name listed on the equity form is the person who is eligible to vote and make changes regarding the ownership. The owner is responsible for managing their purchases, eligible shoppers and receiving patronage refunds.
Business/Organization Ownership
A cooperative, non-profit organization, partnership or business may become an owner. Purchases made by a business owner are primarily for business use and consumption. The entity shall be listed as the primary name on the equity form. The entity must appoint one person to be listed as the shopper, who will also be the only eligible voter for that entity in all MMFC elections or other voting. The shopper must promptly notify MMFC of any changes to the business name, contact information and/or shopper and additional shoppers authorized to make purchases for the business. Organizations and businesses are not eligible to make payments with an EBT card. Business owners and organizations are responsible for managing their purchases and eligible shoppers.