Featured Farmer: Good Root Growers

Spring is here and that means hardy, local garden starts will be too!

Good Root Growers of Prairie Farm, Wisconsin are the folks who lovingly start and tend the organic and heirloom varietals Menomonie Market Food Co-op sells each spring. The folks creating the magic and tending those beautiful little plants are husband/wife team Allen Freiermuth and Suzanne Gerlach.

Suzanne is passionate about plants and, while not certified, utilizes only organic practices. The 2017 season has begun with over 10,000 plants, 120 varieties of vegetables and herbs alone! This year Menomonie Market is excited to be offering a variety of flowers in addition to a wide selection of herbs and vegetables.

Watch for starts outside the store beginning in May. Some of Suzannes’ favorites are: Hungarian Heart and Black Krim Tomatoes, New Mex and Poblano peppers, and all varieties of herbs. When asked if she could share some tips for growing robust and healthy plants, Suzanne offered these gems:

  • • Prune your tomato plants! Pinch off suckers to promote robust growth, ultimately leading to stronger fruits.

  • • Only water at the base of the plant; use soaker hoses if possible.

  • • Mulch with grass clippings; it’s an inexpensive source of nitrogen and offers a barrier for weeds and pests.

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