A wide variety of fresh, delicious, and healthful produce at reasonable prices.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of local, seasonal and global produce available on our shelves. We focus on seasonally fresh produce and continually search for local vendors to fulfill our mission to support local, sustainable agriculture. We receive produce over 10 times per week assuring you the freshest, tastiest produce available in our community. You can find organic bananas, local greens, and seasonal specialties such as local asparagus, mushrooms, and other delightful fruits and vegetables.


Small, Local Growers

One of the best parts of our job is meeting with local growers. We are in contact with many local providers, many of whom deliver directly to the co-op. It’s also not unusual for growers to make appearances in the store, getting to know the people who support them –  our co-op shoppers!

Special Orders

Menomonie Market gladly accepts special orders of case quantities and items not stocked on our shelves. Visit our special orders page for more information.