Fresh, Local, Humanely Raised Meats

We take pride in working directly with local and regional farmers who are dedicated to what is called the ‘triple bottom line’ – caring for people (in this case animals, too), the planet and profit.  We work directly with many small local farms and have had the opportunity to visit their operations to see firsthand how the animals are raised and handled. We have learned about why raising animals this way results in a better tasting product that is more nutrient dense, better for the environment and, ultimately, better for our local economy.  In addition, we offer a great variety of fresh, sustainable seafood delivered to us weekly.

Our frozen and fresh meat department offers a wide variety of cuts, sausage, fish and seafood, and deli meats. We are excited about all of our offerings, and are more than happy to tell you our favorite way to cook them or let us help you plan your next dish or menu. Looking for something specific? Feel free to ask or give us a call — special orders are encouraged.


  • Single sourced – locally raised ground beef – same farm, same animal
  • Locally raised, single source, organic beef in a variety of cuts
  • Buffalo
  • Organic, fresh and frozen whole chicken, boneless breasts, duck, turkey, and seasonal specialities
  • Heirloom pork in a variety of cuts
  • Fresh all-natural, brats and sausages
  • Lamb
  • Fresh seafood; local whitefish, herring, trout and more
  • We also offer an extensive offering of Red Table Meats – handmade salami from Minneapolis!

All of our farmers work within our standards of natural, drug-free, minimally processed, and humanely raised animals.


Small, Local Farms

We offer the largest selection of high quality, locally sourced, nutrient dense meats in Menomonie.  We focus on small and local because of superior products and the benefit to the environment and local economy.  This is achievable because of all the fantastic farmers we work with and would like to thank  3D Farm, Beaver Creek Ranch, Crescent Meats, Deutsch Family Farm, Eat My Fish, Lamb-a-Lot Acres, Painted Outlaw Ranch, Promise Farms, Strauss Farms, Together Farms, and, Wheatfield Hill Organics.