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MMFC Staff

You’ll find a few of our staff members listed below, but if you would like to learn more about our team, please visit our staff page.

GENERAL MANAGER, Crystal Halvorson | Ext. 213 | email Crystal

OUTREACH AND EDUCATION COORDINATOR, Becca Kleist | Ext. 220 | email Becca

MARKETING MANAGER, Beth Martin | Ext. 215 | email Beth

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES MANAGER, Astrid Hayden | Ext. 216 | email Astrid

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES COORDINATOR, Isabelle Kiesow  | Ext. 220 | email Isabelle

DELI MANAGER, Layne Qualy | Ext. 218 | email Layne

MERCHANDISING MANAGER, Josh Risler | Ext. 217 | email Josh

WELLNESS BUYER, Sara Norman | Ext. 210 | email Sara

CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER, Jay Schoenborn| Ext. 205 | email Jay

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