From the Board: A Retreat Recap

August 2017 Board of Directors Retreat

By Logan Mather, Board Member

It was a dark and stormy Saturday this past weekend, the perfect setting for the MMFC Board of Directors retreat. Josh Risler, Center Store Manager, did an excellent job as our facilitator. We had GM Crystal supporting and creating delectable food and Administrative Services Manager Astrid keeping us on track with her expeditious note taking. Visioning the future of MMFC with the Ends (similar to a mission statement) in mind was the theme of the day.

We began with brief introductions from all present, learning many interesting tidbits about each other. Followed by a quick exercise where we each identified what we felt was the “Biggest Thing” at MMFC.  The answers covered community, connection, local, ownership, healthy food; much of what has drawn most of us to the coop. We also each ranked the five parts of our Ends, first in terms of current success and then where we each felt our focus as a Board should lie.  The results were diverse, however, it seems we feel we are most challenged by the statement “our owners have a vital sense of ownership and belonging.”  We’d love to hear from our owners on how we can better connect with them! Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member, we are available and open to thoughts and conversation.  And to the answer of where our focus should lie? The importance of local access to healthy choices and strengthening the local food system ranked at the top.

We got into the meat of the day utilizing the first five steps of Zingerman’s Visioning Process.  The goal is to create a future vision and write about it in the terms of it already having successfully come to fruition.  We each individually worked through the steps from picking a topic and then writing a draft of our vision.  The topics ranged from stronger connections with the community to garnering a larger ownership, and getting more owners interested in being Board members. ( Interested?  Let us know, we’d love to answer your questions! Deadline to apply for our upcoming election is September 20.) We each chose a future date, signifying the successful completion of our vision, the dates varied from Annual Meeting time 2019 to 2027.  Visioning the end product helps both to keep projects exciting and to make it easier to overcome the challenges. It was a great Board exercise to find direction and begin to zero in on MMFC’s future.

Creating these visions lead us to discuss which are most important to align ourselves with. Our day wrapped up with thoughts of linking more with our owners, healthy food choice advocacy, connecting more with the community and local organizations. The day had its share of seriousness and laughter, but most importantly it was energizing and motivating as we look towards the future of MMFC.

Learn more about our board of directors here.

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