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About our Board

Menomonie Market’s owners elect the Board of Directors (BOD) at the annual general ownership meeting held each fall. The co-op has 7 directors who each serve a 3-year term. There are open positions each year and any co-op member can be nominated to serve.

Policy Governance

Menomonie Market operates under a system called Policy Governance, developed by John Carver in the 1970s.  In this system, the only employee that the Board of Directors (BoD) oversees is the General Manager (GM).  The GM, in turn, oversees all other employees and the overall operation of the store.

The main job of the BOD is to hire/monitor the General Manager, communicate the needs and desires of the membership into a “plan”, and make sound financial decisions for the co-op.

To assure that the GM is operating according to the values of owners, the BoD creates policies that the GM is required to follow.  The GM is responsible for two kinds of policies.  Ends Policies are a vision of what the BoD sees as the ideal result of the co-op’s operation; Executive Limitation Policies describe actions and conditions the BoD requires the GM to avoid in operating the co-op (for example, unwarranted financial risks, poor working environment, loss of  value to customers).

Director Commitment

Board members commit to confidentiality, attending regular and special meetings fully prepared, sharing ideas, acting in a professional manner, attending training sessions, taking on leadership, serving on committees, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Serving on the board is voluntary, however board members receive a monthly stipend of $50 credit at the co-op ($100 for the President).  Directors also get the satisfaction of serving a growing organization that provides the community with quality products and education. Board members have a voice in shaping the future of the co-op while working with a group of people who share a commitment to a democratic process and a sustainable local economy.

2018 Annual Report


Upcoming Board Meetings

Held Wednesdays at 6pm in the MMFC classroom, all owners are welcome to attend.

– April 24
– May 29


Current Board of Directors:

Rick RemingtonRick Remington, President

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Rick grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin. He studied Forestry/Environmental Communication at U.W. Stevens Point and Conservation Biology at Western Kentucky University.  Rick has worked in land conservation for over 20 years throughout the Midwest, Maine and Kentucky.  In 2002 he moved to Downsville, WI and presently works for a non-profit conservation organization.  Things enjoyed in his spare time include: gardening, reading, silent sports, and spending time with wife, Heather and daughter, Amber.


Mariann Holm

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Mariann is an organic crop and livestock inspector who has a passion for organic farming and cooperatives. She and her husband, along with two sons, live on a farm in Elk Mound where they custom raise organic dairy heifers. As a Farmer Ambassador Program Leader within the Organic Valley cooperative for several years, she gained insight into cooperative affairs, the retail setting and the natural foods channel while meeting many organic farmer heroes. Mariann serves on the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Board and also as a Regional Coordinator for Renewing the Countryside.



Steve HansonSteve Hanson, Vice President

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Steve has lived in Wisconsin for most of his life, and has primarily worked in the computer industry. Currently he runs a web development and hosting shop from a small farm in Downsville, which he shares with his wife and a select group of animal friends. Steve is a prolific blogger, beer and wine maker, and devotee of music.




Chris Hayden

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After 10 years working in food co-ops, Chris decided to try the other side of things for a while. Currently employed as a managing member of a Milkweed Connections, a cooperatively-run mental health recovery team, they are strong proponents of community building through democratic initiatives. Chris’ other passions include martial arts and playing music. When not on the road for work, they can usually be found reading at the Raw Deal Cafe.



Gary Johnson

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Gary is retired from being a school social worker in the Menomonie school district and now works part time as a mental health educator at Aurora Community Counseling.  In addition to serving on the Menomonie Market Food Coop board, Gary is on the board for the Bridge to Hope domestic abuse prevention program and continues to be active with the Partners for Resilience Coalition.  He enjoys time with his grown children, sharing music and spending time at home with his wife Julianne and their animals.



Wendy MacDougall, Secretary/Treasurer

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Wendy Randall MacDougall is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and worked 18 years as the Director of the Dunn County Health Department until January of 2018. She loves to cook and bake and especially appreciates the fresh, local products (as well as the avocados, pineapple etc) available at the Menomonie Market. She finds Co-ops inspiring and innovative and is having so much fun learning more about Co-op principles as a Board member. Wendy has lived in Menomonie since 1988 and enjoys the community; arts, outdoors, library, public schools, public parks, music and the interest people show toward one another in their many kindnesses. The Co-op members and staff being an excellent example.

Barb Button

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Barb is a Wisconsin native, and grew up in the country eating mostly wild game and garden produce. She is retired from UW-Stout, where she managed the public website, conducted training and participated in strategic planning and marketing. She has also worked as a development and strategic planning consultant for the MMFC and other organizations and groups. Barb lives in Menomonie with her fiance.