Artist of the Month: Don Austrum

Artist’s Statement

The subject matter for my work is just the normal everyday “stuff” we see in and around Dunn County. I enjoy nature, old buildings and abandoned vehicles and machinery.

The medium used in the artworks on display is colored pencil. I really enjoy working with colored pencil, and now that I am retired I have more time for doing so. I work too slowly, in my opinion, and sometimes think I get too caught up in detail.

I have worked with the medium for about ten years and feel I am still discovering the possibilities of drawing with colored pencils. I am amazed at the detail and subtle color variations that are possible. The trick to colored pencils, I feel, is to build up many light translucent layers of color and therefore never push hard on the pencil.

I enjoyed my thirty-five years of teaching art at Boyceville Community Schools and during that time, I tried to use my creativity almost exclusively in the classroom.



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