Local Farmer Feature: Harvest Moon Organics

Harvest Moon Organics
Local, organic poultry is now available thanks to a family in Cadott, WI.


Tell us about the farm.
The farm is owned and operated by us; Andrew, Emily, and our three children. We purchased the farm 8 years ago and it was in need of major repair. We spent years fixing buildings, tearing down ones that were in disrepair, making fence, and getting it ready to be a usable farm again. We both grew up on a farm and wanted our kids to also experience that lifestyle.

What do you specialize in?
We currently raise certified organic chickens, pigs, and beef cattle. We are planning to diversify into other things in the coming years.

Tell us why you farm.
We want to farm because of the lifestyle it provides for our family. We also believe that organic products are a healthier option and have always tried to buy organic for our family when we can. A lot of the health problems people are experiencing these days are directly related to the food supply, which is full of chemicals, GMO crops, government loopholes, and mistreated animals that make huge farms possible.

We do the best we can to give our animals the best quality of life possible and don’t look at them as potential profits. Our animals are part of our family. With the organic certification our customers don’t have to worry about the use of antibiotics, synthetic chemical use, GMO seeds or feeds. We are also held to animal welfare guidelines which require our animals to be pasture raised.

What certifications did you pursue?
We have MOSA Organic certifications for forty acres of land, chickens, eggs, pigs, and beef cattle. As our beef herd grows and our other sixty acres gets organic certification next year we will be seeking grass-fed certification as well.

To us the original organic movement was a chance for small farms to thrive again. We also wanted to go beyond making a claim that we do things organically. It’s not fair to the people going through and maintaining their certification, so we decided to get certified.

What would you like to say to MMFC readers?
Thanks for supporting local farmers! We love being outside working with our land and our animals. The more people support local farmers instead of large corporate companies, the greater chance that our small rural communities can stay intact.

Harvest Moon Organics chicken can be found in the frozen meat department at MMFC.

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