2018 Cheese Madness!

Eight cheeses are going head-to-head in the 2018 Cheese Madness competition and you get to choose the winner! Will Montamoré take the lead again this year?

Stop by the co-op 11am-1pm on each of the competition days listed below to vote for your favorite cheese. For extra fun, fill out the bracket and turn it in at the customer service desk by March 15th – if you get all of the winners correct, you have the chance to win the “Final Four” cheeses!

All 8 cheeses will start the competition on sale, and as they get eliminated by you, they will go back to their regular price.

Tasting Dates:

March 15th – Sartori Montamoré vs. Organic Valley Raw Cheddar
March 17th – Deer Creek Fawn vs. Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze
March 20th – Ellsworth Cheese Curds vs. Mt. Sterling Raw Cheddar
March 22nd – Deer Creek The Stag vs. North Country Sharp Cheddar
March 24th – Sartori Montamoré vs. TBD
March 27 – Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze vs. TBD
March 29th – Championship – TBD

May the best cheese win!

Download the printable bracket here or click the photo.

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